Introducing Revolut’s PAWsome new charity partner – Guide Dogs!

Emma Potter

 · 08/20/2021  · 08/20/2021

Revolut is proud to announce Guide Dogs Australia as our latest charity partner!

Guide Dogs is dedicated to empowering people with low vision or blindness to regain independence and freedom to lead a fulfilling life.

With Donations, you can set up a recurring payment of any amount, make a one-off donation, or choose to round up spare change from your Revolut purchases  and donate to Guide Dogs.

Guide Dogs – a PAWfect story

Meet one of our clients Kadek. He moved to Australia from Bali at the age of ten and that same year, tragically lost his left eye after an accident. A decade on, Kadek witnessed an assault. Knowing he couldn’t just stand by, he made the decision to intercept. While this decision saved a person’s life, it also cost Kadek most of the sight in his remaining eye. That’s when Kadek turned to Guide Dogs for support.

Our Orientation and Mobility Instructor Mandy was the first person Kadek met from Guide Dogs. “Mandy pushed me to believe that I could do anything. I was still a bit afraid, and was at the point where I felt like I didn’t know anything anymore.” After working with Mandy for a few months to learn new techniques to regain his freedom and confidence, Kadek started to think about the possibility of a Guide Dog.

In August 2020, as Kadek approached his 30th birthday, he got the phone call he had been waiting for – we had a dog for him. “This was the best news ever. I had feelings of excitement and relief. I knew that I would now have a companion instead of trying to make it on my own.”   That same month, Kadek met Guide Dog Livinia.

“Meeting Livinia was love at first sight and we bonded straight away. I was already independent, but since getting Livinia, I have a new sense of independence. Sometimes she makes me feel like I don’t even have a disability – I have complete trust in her.”

We’re so proud of Kadek and we’re grateful to all our amazing donors who make it possible for us to continue the vital work we do.

How do I donate?

You can donate to Guide Dogs in the Revolut app and – as one of Australia’s most trusted charity brands* – you can be sure your donation will go where it matters.

How to donate:

❤️ Make sure you’ve got the latest version of the app

❤️ Head to My hub > Donations

❤️ Choose Guide Dogs Australia

❤️ Enter the amount you want to give and tap ‘Donate’

❤️ Spread the word on social media for maximum impact

*Guide Dogs was awarded the Most Trusted Charity Brand as part of Australian Reader’s Digest “Most Trusted Brands 2020”

Guide Dogs Australia is a registered charity in Australia ABN 99 008 427 423

Note: Guide Dogs Australia operates as the national peak body of its state-based member organisations which includes NSW, ACT, VIC, QLD, SA and NT.