What’s hot in July? ☀️

Revolut Australia

 · 07/30/2021  · 07/30/2021

We’re now closer to 2022 than 2020! Crazy, right? Well if that little fact didn’t amaze you, hopefully our awesome new products will. July was generous, bringing all kinds of new products with it. So, grab yourself a seat and find out what we delivered.

Send crypto to your Revolut friends 🚀

Want to send someone some crypto? Well, now you can do it quickly, conveniently and, most importantly, for free. Just head to the 'Crypto' tab in your app, choose your friend and send them crypto in seconds.

Remember, with all investments, your capital is at risk. The prices of crypto can be very volatile and there are risks involved when buying or selling crypto. Please consider your personal circumstances and do plenty of research before getting involved. Cryptocurrencies are not like the other forms of electronic money held in your Revolut account and are not regulated in Australia.

Pay and get paid touch-free with QR codes 🤖

Need to send and request money while you’re offline? Not a problem, just show your QR code to instantly share your bank details. It’s easy, fast, convenient and eliminates the chance of someone entering the wrong details. Win-win-win-win!

Send EUR, USD and more to 8 new countries 💸️

We’re always trying to make international transfers as accessible as possible, so you can now send 30+ currencies to a host of new countries. There’s no additional cost for transfers and no limit on how much you can send.

That’s a wrap 🎬

That’s it for now. We hope there’s something in here you’ll love. See you in August for more new products. Have a great month!