Psst, parents! We’ve made Revolut Junior even better 👧🏼👦🏻

Revolut Australia

 · 09/27/2021  · 09/27/2021

We’ve been working hard to bring you some cool changes to Revolut Junior — our smart money app for kids — and we think you’ll really like them.

Add a co-parent 👨‍👩‍👧

Exclusive to Premium and Metal customers only, this new feature allows you to bring a co-parent on your child’s financial literacy journey. They’ll have certain limited access to, and controls of, a Revolut Junior account, so you can both be involved.

To nominate a co-parent:
🧡 In the app, go to ‘My Hub’ > ‘Junior’
🧡 Select your child’s name
🧡 Add a co-parent. Easy-peasy!

Learn from a younger age 🧸

Start ‘em young, they say, so we’ve lowered the minimum age for Junior users. If your kids are at least 6 years old, you’ll be able to create a Junior account and start building healthy money habits.

Set an allowance 💰

Why do it yourselves when we can do it for you? Our Premium and Metal customers have enjoyed automating pocket money for their kids, and now, we’re letting our Standard customers in on the fun.

To set up a recurring payment to your child’s Revolut Junior account:
🧡 In the app, go to ‘My Hub’ > ‘Junior’ > ‘Weekly allowance’
🧡 Enter an amount, select a payment day
🧡 Weekly pocket money will arrive in your kid’s account. Ker-ching!

New to Revolut Junior? 👧🏼👦🏻

Manage pocket money easier and help your kids master financial literacy. With Revolut Junior, they’ll be able to access our suite of smart money tools specially adapted for kids, that will set them up for financial success, within safe boundaries. Learn more here.