Stay safe with Revolut

Revolut Australia

 · 11/08/2021  · 11/08/2021

Don't get duped by account takeover scams and payment fraud.

This year, we've partnered with the ACCC's ScamWatch for Scams Awareness Week, a national initiative that runs between the 8th and 12th of November.

Scams have been on the rise in the last 12 months, meaning that by September this year, Australians made over 226,000 reports to ScamWatch with reported losses of over $222 million.

Fraudsters are always looking for new ways to gain access to your account, or trick you into disclosing your personal information or making a payment to an account controlled by them.

By following some of our tips below, we hope you'll be able to spot scams from a mile away and have a safer shopping experience.

Keep your details private

If we need to call you, we’ll always let you know in advance through the app and we’ll never call you out of the blue. And if we do call you, we will never ask you for your passcodes, passwords, PIN, card details or sensitive personal information.

Be wary of any messages that ask you to follow a link. Fraudulent links will often include misspellings or a wrong Revolut URL. If we need to email you, it will only be from And make sure you only access the Revolut website via

Use a disposable virtual card

For an added layer of security, make payments with our disposable virtual cards, which self-destruct as soon as a purchase is complete. This means that your card details are unique to every purchase you make with a disposable card - neat, right?

And if you ever receive a suspicious phone call or a text message from someone claiming to be from Revolut, you can get in touch with us any time through the in-app chat.