September’s new products are in bloom 🌸

Revolut Australia

 · 09/30/2021  · 09/30/2021

It’s time to drop the jumpers and crack out the shorts. Oh, and for new products, of course! This spring, we’ve got new ways to pay and get paid, fresh widgets and more. So, settle in and explore what we’ve been working on this September.

We know that it’s quite likely that not all of your friends and family are on Revolut (for now, at least), so we’ve created a unique link that makes it super simple to send and receive money. Simply share the link with the person you want to transfer money to or from and say ‘Rev me!’*

*Use of catchphrase not required but strongly encouraged.

Whether you’re new to crypto or a seasoned cryptonaut, it’s always interesting to see how other people are investing. Now you can see which crypto is the most popular with other Revolut customers from a handy new widget. Capital at risk.

Find people you need to pay with a search 💡

It’s 2021. You probably spend enough time scrolling through your phone – we don’t want to add to it by making you look for contacts to pay. So now you can search for a Revtag, name or email address from the top of the ‘Who to pay’ screen in-app.

Transfer INR to India in 30 minutes or less ⏱️

If you’ve got friends and family in India that you send money to, you’ll love this new corridor. In just a few taps you can now send super-fast INR transfers to India. They should arrive in 30 minutes or less and you can track them in-app. Plus, we won’t charge you any fees during the week if you’re within your FX allowance.

Create challenges for kids with Junior ✅

Do you reward your kids with some extra pocket money when they complete chores or do something well? If so, you’ll love challenges. Simply create challenges for your kids in-app and when they complete them, any extra allowance you want to give them will go into their Junior account automatically. You can make them recurring on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, too.

Top-up via bank transfer- now even faster! ⚡️

We've made receiving bank transfers even faster - you can now top up from another bank account or receive transfers in minutes

Let’s keep in touch 📱

We have so much more up our sleeves, and you’ll find out about our new products and features as they launch through the awesome newsletters we send straight to your inbox. Til next time!