Teach your kids money skills for life with Revolut Junior 👦👧

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 · 11/10/2020  · 11/10/2020

Money is an important part of life, but very few children are taught the essential skills to manage it. It can be an awkward topic for some, and for others, it may be something that was never considered worth discussing with their young kids. But it’s an important lesson to be taught, which is why we’re excited to bring you Revolut Junior, a safe and easy way for Aussie parents and guardians to teach their kids essential money skills for life.

What is Revolut Junior? 👪

Revolut Junior is a Revolut account for young people aged 7-17, and is available to all our customers here in Australia starting from today.

Revolut Junior gives children the freedom to manage their money and build essential financial skills, but for added security and peace of mind it’s set up and managed by you.

Sounds great so far? We hope so. But Revolut Junior is more than just a pocket money account. It’s a way for kids to learn about saving and budgeting in a way that’s technology-led and far more relevant than a piggy bank of coins.

Revolut Junior at a glance ⚡

  • Available for kids aged 7-17
  • Set up and funded by a parent or guardian from their Revolut account
  • Assign chores and tasks for kids to earn money
  • Set up recurring pocket money payments
  • Create savings goals for kids to work towards
  • Kids can view their transactions and track their progress towards their savings goals in their own Revolut Junior app
  • Parents or guardians can control security features on the Junior account (e.g. disable online transactions or ATM withdrawals)
  • Parents or guardians receive instant notifications when the Junior card is used
  • Automatic blocks on age-restricted merchants
  • Card details printed on the back of the card, to keep them private if card is shown on social media

Built with relationships in mind 🙌

With Revolut Junior, young people get the freedom to spend with their own card in person and online (if you allow them to), and you get the peace of mind of being able to see where their money goes. That, plus those essential saving and budgeting skills.

It’s all about starting conversations around money. Revolut Junior is the starting point for you to help them grow up feeling confident about their money.

How to set up Revolut Junior 👨‍🦰

Setting up a Junior account is simple:

  1. Open your Revolut app and tap on ‘Junior’
  2. Fill out the information for the child or teen who will be using the account
  3. Order a Revolut Junior card for them
  4. Add money to their Revolut Junior card from your account

Optional Revolut Junior app 📱

Your child can also download our purpose-built Revolut Junior app by scanning a QR code displayed on your phone. But don’t worry, your child’s account and card will still work even if they don’t have the Junior app and you’ll always retain control of the settings for their account.

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Find out more about the ins and outs of Revolut Junior with our dedicated Revolut Junior FAQ.