Get a chance to win $10,000 when you buy crypto with Revolut 💰

Revolut Australia

 · 08/02/2021  · 08/02/2021

With all the highs, lows, tweets and tokens we’ve seen this year, you could say 2021 is the year of crypto. It certainly has been for Revolut. We’ve brought you all kinds of new features and tokens, and we’ve got a few surprises still in store.

What kind of surprises, you ask? The best kind. To celebrate our expanding crypto selection (you can check out our 15 newest tokens), we’re running a massive prize draw. Which means one lucky customer will be walking away with $10,000!

Amazing, how do I get involved?

To enter, all you need to do is fill out this form before 16 September and purchase at least $20 of any available cryptocurrency in the Revolut app by 15 September 2021 at 11:59 pm AEDT. That’s it!

How will you choose the winner?

The winner will be randomly chosen on 22 September 2021. The first valid entry drawn will bag the sweet $10,000 prize, so make sure you check our terms and conditions before entering.

Great, anything else I need to know?

While we believe that crypto should be accessible to all, we also know that crypto trading isn’t for everyone. The prices of crypto can be very volatile, which means there are always going to be risks involved when buying or selling crypto. Your capital is at risk, so please consider your personal circumstances and do plenty of research before getting involved.

Understood, how do I get started?

Just fire up your app, go to ‘Wealth’ > ‘Crypto’ > ‘Invest’ to discover our crypto features. You can see crypto prices in real-time and even set up price alerts for crypto tokens you’re interested in.

New to Revolut? Welcome! We’re thrilled you’re here. Just head to your App or Play Store and download the Revolut app to get started.

RPA has been granted the required permits to run the Promotion in SA (SA licence no. T21/382) and ACT (ACT licence no. TP 21/01242).