3 things you didn't know your Revolut app could do

Revolut Singapore

 · 11/26/2020  · 11/26/2020

Revolut keeps up with your lifestyle even when you're not travelling

Did you sign up for a Revolut account to manage your travel spending? With travel restrictions still in place in many countries, you must be wondering if there’s anything you can use your Revolut app and debit card for.

The answer is, Yes! In this post, we share 3 of our favourite ways of using Revolut.

Let a friend know you're thinking of them
Use: Gifting 🎁
With safe distancing measures in place, it’ll be awhile before anyone can throw a party or have a group of friends over for dinner. The Revolut Gifting feature lets you send friends cash-gifts along with a personalised animated message. A fun way to say, "I'm thinking of you".

Split the bill, quickly and fuss-free
Use: Split Bill 🧾
Parties are a no-no but groups of 5 are still allowed at food & beverage establishments and other social settings. If you are out having dinner with friends, spare yourselves the trouble and awkwardness of working out how to split the bill. Split Bill does the calculation for you and lets your friends know how much they should pay you in just a few seconds.

Shop safely online
Use: Disposable Virtual Card 🛍️
Doing your Christmas shopping online? Remember to use a Revolut Disposable Virtual Card to keep scammers at bay. Every time you complete a transaction using a Disposable Virtual Card, a new set of details will be generated for your next purchase.

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