Beirut emergency. Donate to help Beirut 💙

Pam Chuang

 · 08/21/2020  · 08/21/2020

Beirut’s catastrophic explosion has left 300,000+ homeless

On August 4th, a massive explosion at Beirut’s port destroyed a large part of the city, leaving more than 60,000 injured and over 300,000 homeless. The numbers are devastating, and hundreds of thousands of people have been left homeless and injured.

To help with the relief, Revolut has partnered with the Singapore Red Cross, and has been working hard to make sure that people in Beirut are taken care of.

How you can help

You can help by donating directly on your Revolut app. Revolut Donations is a simple way to give to causes that matter to you. You can round up your spare change and donate the difference, set up recurring payments, or give a one-off donation to our charity partners.

No fees

100% of the funds raised will be donated. We do not take any cut from your donations, because doing good shouldn’t come with a fee.

How to donate

  1. Update your Revolut app to the latest 7.13 version
  2. Tap on your ‘Dashboard’, under widgets, tap on ‘Donations’
  3. Select ‘Singapore Red Cross’
  4. Select your choice of donation method: spare change round-ups, one-time, or recurring donations

Help the people of Beirut