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Pam Chuang

 · 08/27/2020  · 08/27/2020

Our brilliant new Rewards bring you personalised discounts and cashback from brands you love, and we have the perfect offer for your upcoming holidays.

We've teamed up with to help you enjoy up to 15% cashback on your next holiday accommodation!  The exclusive promotion applies to both local and overseas properties for Revolut customers domiciled in Singapore, where you can book your accommodation up to 1 year in advance from your travel date.

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Earn up to 15% cashback for your holiday ⛱

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  1. Use the checkout link to book your accommodation through (Not via the app)
  2. Use your Revolut card to pay
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    It’s that simple. Now get out there and holiday your socks off.

    This Reward expires on 30th September, 2020.

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