Coronavirus: Support our medical, healthcare workers

Muara Makarim

 · 05/13/2020  · 05/13/2020

The Coronavirus pandemic global spread and impact has been massive on the economic, social and business fronts. The hardest hit are the medical and healthcare sectors, where medical workers have been working around the clock to detect, treat and prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. As Revoluters, we began asking ourselves: what can we do to support the healthcare professionals? We knew we didn’t have a lot of time and needed to act fast.

We focused on the important things and with a good teamwork, it didn’t take long before they arrived at a proposal:  donations for ride rebates through the Revolut app to make the ride to and from work easier, increased cashback of 3% on all spend, and partnering with other fintechs with the same mindset in wanting to support the medical, healthcare community. With that, the Medical Energizer campaign was born.

Before the campaign could go live, the Operations team mapped out the onboarding and payout procedures; the Growth team joined forces with partners such as Visa, PolicyPal and StashAway. The Legal team liaised with the Charities Unit on local charity regulations; the Financial Crime and Product teams ensured that Revolut would be able to receive and disburse donations seamlessly. The team pulled it off in a record two-week time  and within a week from launch, the Medical Energizer campaign had successfully raised over S$ 8,500 and more.

One thing’s for sure - the human spirit is far stronger than this pandemic. If you live in Singapore and would like to donate to our medical professionals, download the Revolut app and make your contribution.

If you are working on the front line as a healthcare professional, you can activate the perks by registering your Revolut account and emailing a photocopy of your medical ID to

Check out the news article about the campaign that will end on 18 June.

We are stronger together #SGUnited.