Revolut is seamless and straightforward (our customer’s words, not ours) 👀

Jocelyn Kaylee Neo

 · 10/01/2021  · 10/01/2021

Ron is a management consultant by trade and knowledge vessel by design. Born in beautiful Indonesia, this jovial expat has since made Singapore his home. He thinks of Revolut as an immensely useful financial companion for all things cross-border (we can’t help but agree, Ron). So we checked in to learn what he enjoys most.

User-friendly registration 📱

Thinking back to his first impressions, Ron commended Revolut for his customer onboarding process, which he found to be the antithesis to that of traditional providers.

“I didn’t need much effort in setting up an account; everything was seamless and straightforward. All that Revolut required was some basic personal information and a selfie. I could get my money moving in a matter of minutes; there was no fuss at all.”

Seamless cross-border transactions 🌎

Like many expats, Ron has financial commitments back in Indonesia. His mortgage, for example, which he has been paying through Revolut. His Indonesia and Singapore bank accounts are linked to the Revolut app, which gives him the convenience of seeing all his money movements from one place.

Low remittance fees, good exchange rates and transparency are added bonuses, too.

“Revolut tells me exactly when my money is going to arrive in my foreign account, and I appreciate that it takes away the conventional need to check my transactions regularly. This helps me plan ahead, and more importantly, frees up headspace for more important activities.”

Practical travel perks ✈️

A frequent business flier in the pre-pandemic days, Ron hasn’t yet been able to explore Revolut’s travel perks first-hand. But he appreciates that they’ll come in handy when regular travel resumes.

“Overseas ATM withdrawals will be useful, no doubt. And since my accumulated airline miles got eroded from staying on the ground, Revolut’s lounge access pass will supplement my travel experience and provide additional comfort.”

Interesting concept overall 🙌🏼

Ron is always curious to learn more, and he quickly found himself leaning towards the other innovative products that Revolut offers. Revolut Junior, our revolutionary money app for kids, stands out. The minimalistic interface and great user experience also make for a winner in his book.

It’s one thing to build an excellent product, and another to hear just how much our customers enjoy using it. So thank you, Ron, for giving us that pleasure. We hope to continue helping you get more from your money as we launch even more new products.

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