Vacay or staycay? Earn 3% cashback on your travel spend

Revolut Singapore

 · 11/23/2021  · 11/23/2021

What's sweeter than some well-earned time off from work? Getting 3% cashback on your travel-related spend when you pay with Revolut!

From 24 November to 23 December 2021, Revolut Singapore customers will get 3% cashback when they spend on travel — both overseas and at home. Here's how:

Any overseas physical spend ✈️

Coffee in New York? Tteokbokki in Seoul? Get cashback on all your overseas physical spend when you whip out your Revolut card to pay in-store and in-person.

If you've not booked your air tickets or that day tour to the Statue of Liberty, paying with Revolut even if you're booking online will earn you that 3% cashback too. Just be sure to check that the business has an eligible Merchant Category Code (MCC).

Category MCC
Airlines and air carriers 3000 to 3302; 4511
Hotels, resorts, motels 3501 to 3999; 7011
Cruise lines 4411
Travel agencies and tour operators 4722

Any hotel bookings in Singapore 🛏️

Staying closer to home? No problem. If you're planning to do a staycation in a hotel in Singapore, using Revolut to pay will get you that 3% cashback too. Just be sure to check that the hotel carries the MCC listed in the table above.

To qualify for this cashback, customers will have to spend a minimum of S$2,500 between 24 November and 23 December 2021 overseas and/or on any merchant with an eligible MCC.

Cashback is capped at S$200 per Revolut account. Be sure to read our T & Cs.

Safe travels!