Customers are funding their crypto accounts with Revolut

Revolut Singapore

 · 08/05/2021  · 08/05/2021

From 1 April to 30 June 2021, the average Revolut customer in Singapore spent S$1,430 on crypto. Whether this figure represents an individual's entire investment portfolio or just a tiny fraction, we don't know.

However, we do know why many customers are funding their crypto accounts with Revolut.

Attractive FX rates 🤑

Many exchanges deal in USD. To get more from your capital, it would make sense to exchange your SGD for USD using Revolut's interbank rate then transfer the amount to the crypto exchange you're using.

You can also set an alert so the app will notify you when USD hits a certain price, e.g. S$1 = US$0.73. You can then exchange your SGD at your preferred rate and hold the money until you're ready to use it.

Metal subscribers get 1% cashback 💳

Another way to make your capital work harder is by subscribing to our Metal plan. If your crypto account requires that you put a card on record and you use your Metal card, you'll get 1% cashback on your payments to the exchange.

Our Metal customers also enjoy unlimited FX so you don't have to worry about paying more fees when you exchange larger sums.

Revolut is accepted on a number of exchanges ₿

There are several exchanges that recognise the Revolut card.

Pro tip! If you install the Revolut Shopper Chrome extension, you'll be able to autofill your card details in some of the exchanges

As with all investment instruments, your capital is at risk. This info is not meant to be a form of financial advice. Please note the regulatory limits that apply to all Revolut customers in Singapore.