Helping beyond the rainbow

Daniela Carvalho

 · 07/06/2023  · 07/06/2023

Now that Pride month is over, we’d like to thank all our customers who donated to support Oogachaga, Singapore's established non-profit organisation that provides counselling and other services to LGBTQIA+ individuals, couples, and families – and together, we’ve raised over S$46,700.

Supporting all marginalised communities and advocating for diversity and inclusion is extremely important, not only in June, but all year round. So, to make it easy, our Donations platform in-app allows you to donate to charities and non-profits in just a few taps.

Last month, we added Oogachaga to Donations! All customers who donated at least $10 to Oogachaga received a limited-edition, rainbow-themed Diversity card. We ended up delivering over 4,000 cards in Singapore, and the amount raised will support Oogachaga on their mission.

For the first time, Revolut Singapore also hosted a booth at the PasarPink event on 4 June 2023 to raise awareness for Oogachanga and the Diversity card. We received a heartwarming response and had so much fun speaking to all of you, who wanted to learn more about Revolut, Oogachaga, and our rainbow-themed card.

We also partnered with Prout, a community organisation that connects the LGBTQIA+ community, and we sponsored some prizes for their Queer Trivia Night on 8 June 2023.

Photos from Revolut’s booth at PasarPink, with Leow Yangfa, Executive Director at Oogachaga (third from the left)

At Revolut, we embrace diversity and strive to create inclusive communities where everyone feels empowered and comfortable to be their authentic selves. We’re humbled to see how well-received our Diversity card has been, and look forward to creating more initiatives to support our communities.