Lunar New Year during COVID-19: 8 ideas for a safe and fun celebration with your families and friends

Jocelyn Kaylee Neo

 · 01/31/2021  · 01/31/2021

Lunar New Year (LNY) in Singapore is usually a rambunctious affair. Think house visits, exchanging hongbaos (gifts of money in red envelopes) and sharing delicious traditional delicacies. With COVID-19 though, this year’s LNY is going to be much quieter. But that doesn’t mean it has to be dull!

Here are 8 suggestions for making LNY a fun and safe celebration with your local friends and families.

1. Get floral arrangements

Credit | Windflower Florist

Why not spruce up your living space with some fresh florals? Pussy willows and chrysanthemums in full bloom symbolise good fortune - plus, they’ll look great as a backdrop in your virtual meetings. They make such a lovely gift to send and receive, too.

2. Dress in ox-picious colours

Credit | ASOS

What easier way to get into the festive mood than to don some new threads? Take your pick from a palette of lucky colours – red, pink, coral, orange, gold – and you’ll definitely look photo-ready, for family Zoom meetings or social hangouts on Telegram.

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3. Gift e-hongbaos

Credit | Revolut Singapore

The Monetary Authority of Singapore has encouraged virtual gifting, and we’re definitely onboard. It’s safe, easy and hassle-free. Who knows, this might just become the new normal for all LNYs moving forward.

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4. Support a cause

Credit | @pawfurationsg  

If you need to take the traditional route for young children or elderly relatives who don’t have access to technology, consider angpaos with a touch of kindness. Pawfuration SG contributes 20% of all sales from their LNY collection to help animal shelters.

5. Wear LNY-themed masks

Credit | @quora

While making plans to visit friends and family in person, make sure you abide by the COVID-19 taskforce’s preventive measures. Pretty LNY-themed masks may just be the reminder you need to keep them on whenever you’re not eating or drinking. More on local measures here.

6. Enjoy portion-sized lou hei

Credit | The Plattering Co.

Lou hei (usually shredded vegetables with sauces and condiments) has always been a lively group affair. But while we’re adjusting to a new normal, some businesses have pivoted to individual portions. Sounds like an upgrade, since you’ll have everything to yourselves.

7. Try local fusion snacks

Credit | @cupplets  

Fusion flavours are always a party in the mouth, so how about some elderflower pineapple tarts? If tarts aren’t your thing, perhaps ondeh ondeh cookies or love-letters dripped with hazelnut will pique your interest.

8. Make kueh bangkit together

Credit | @kuehforyew  

If you’re feeling adventurous, you could make your own LNY goodies. Kueh bangkit, or tapioca coconut cookies, are easy to make with the right recipe. Add your own twist and who knows, this may just be the beginning of your new business.

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Header image: National Cancer Institute on Unsplash