Make the most out of Revolut everyday!

Muara Makarim

 · 07/21/2020  · 07/21/2020
Have you been enjoying your use of the Revolut card? Today, we spill the beans on how you can get the most out of Revolut everyday!

Cross border FX e-commerce

Use Revolut to shop at your favourite global brands  and save on foreign exchange of over 150 currencies. With our metal cards, you get 1% cashback with no minimum spent on top of excellent FX rates for cross border e-commerce shopping. We promise the savings on exchange will beat any other card you choose on checkout.

1% Cashback for recurring essential expenses

Maximise your 1% cashback and get the most out of your Metal card, by making recurring payments on your essential bills. This includes your monthly electricity and telco bills, Netflix or Amazon Prime subscription, insurance premiums, and so on. Simple and rewarding!

Contactless Payment for everyday use

Keep yourself safe by sticking to contactless payments where you can. Revolut allows you to make payment for public transport, ride-hailing or food orders conveniently with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Fitbit and Garmin Pay! Now all you need to do is to tap your phone or smartwatch to make purchases in a safe and hygienic manner.

Go Dutch for the cost of rent, dinner, anything!

Use our 'Split bill' feature in-app for every shared meal, drinks, and even on your monthly shared rental cost with your mates. Just tap the ‘Payments’ button in the app and choose ‘Split Bill’. You can add the amount you want to split amongst your mates and hit request; the bill will be automatically split, no need for someone in the group to do mental calculations! This feature is perfect for splitting the cost of bulk buy shipping cost, entertainment expenses, rent, bills, holiday expenses  and more!

Even if your friend does not have Revolut, they can simply tap on the payment request link to download Revolut and accept your payment request in minutes.

Enjoy Revolut and get more for your money! 💸

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