Looking for STEM toys your tweens will love? Get irresistible deals with Revolut Rewards (SG)

Jocelyn Kaylee Neo

 · 05/28/2021  · 05/28/2021

With COVID-19 advisories cutting back extracurricular activities, parents are coming up against the challenge of keeping their tweens entertained and learning at home. But fear not — we’ve found 8 STEM toys and sweet deals just for you!

MEL Chemistry: Conduct experiments with VR and science teachers

What it is: Hands-on experiments, VR lessons and live chemistry classes with science teachers in one subscription. The starter kit comes with a virtual reality (VR) headset, lab equipment, macro lens and a tablet stand so your kids can learn with the MEL Chemistry app. Monthly sets span across 24 topics, with each one containing 2-3 experiments.

What your tween will learn: Atoms, periodic tables, molecules, gas laws and more

Where to get it: As low as USD 7.80 for your first month on MEL Science

Crazy Anatomy: Assemble a human brain

What it is: An assembly kit that comes with games and an illustrated manual containing scientific facts. The jigsaw puzzle skull, which comes with two brain hemispheres, teeth and eyeballs, and handling tools, will give tweens an ultra-realistic play experience.

What your tween will learn: Anatomy, brain areas and their functions, and more

Where to get it: As low as S$27.50 on Lazada

Roller Coaster Building Kit: Construct a working chain-lift model

What it is: An action-packed construction kit that comes with 4,124 pieces and 11 minifigures. It's a fully-functional replica of the amusement park ride, which means your kids can lower the lap bars to secure riders, release the brake to set the wheels in motion and activate the chain lift. There's even an option to motorise the roller coaster with an expansion pack (sold separately).

What your tween will learn: Physics, kinetic energy, speed, resistance and more

Where to get it: As low as S$1,383.19 on Lazada

Robot Inventor: Code interactive robots and vehicles

What it is: A 5-in-1 build, code and play LEGO® kit that can be paired with the Scratch-based LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Robot Inventor coding app for tweens (and adults!) to take on activities and missions with their remote-controlled inventions.  

What your tween will learn: Python programming, electricity, problem-solving, creative design and more

Where to get it: As low as $433.90 on Lazada

Nintendo LaboTM Robot Kit: Become a robot in Nintendo Switch games

What it is: A wearable robot DIY suit kit that tweens can connect to Nintendo SwitchTM games. They can maneuver the robot by moving their hands and feet and discover how the Toy-Con Robot comes to life and interacts with Nintendo SwitchTM technology on Toy-Con Garage.

What your tween will learn: Physics, interreality systems and more

Where to get it: As low as S$24.65 on Lazada

Science Magic Kit: Perform magic tricks with science

What it is: A mega kit containing 50 science experiments and a magic wand so kids can perform magic tricks for their family and friends. The illustrated experiment guide comes with fascinating facts and cool techniques used by real scientists.

What your tween will learn: Carbonation, surface tension, adhesion, pressure and more

Where to get it: As low as S$95.00 on Lazada

Circuit Clay: Learn about electricity

What it is: A sculpting kit with step-by-step instructions to build 15 clay circuits ranging in complexity from easy to advanced. The special conductive and insulating clay comes with LED lights, a battery pack and paper punch-outs for kids to decorate their sculptures.

What your tween will learn: Circuits, insulation, conductivity and more

Where to get it: As low as S$54.18 on Lazada

Unicorn Science: Make glow-in-the-dark unicorn snot

What it is: A unicorn-themed kit that comes with a 72-page lab guide and 50 experimental activities. Kids will get to DIY fun creations like glow-in-the-dark snot and poo, fluffy slime and crystal eggs, and learn about the science behind it all in the ‘What happened’ section.

What your tween will learn: Atoms, polymers, molecules, acid and bases in chemical reactions and more

Where to get it: As low as S$122.10 on Lazada

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