Money looping/ credit monetization - Frequently asked questions

Pam Chuang

 · 12/03/2020  · 12/03/2020
  1. What is money looping or credit monetization?
    This refers to customer activity that involves a customer making excessive (frequency and amount) credit card top-ups to their Revolut wallet and withdrawing a similar amount to their or another person’s bank account or Revolut account.
  2. Why do we care?
    There are several reasons why we take money looping seriously and treat it as a breach of our General Terms (clause 19.1.18). The main risks are reputational and financial. Our service providers may decide to terminate their agreements with us and stop offering us their services and products. Plus, the high cost of money looping is likely to be unsustainable for our business in the long run.
  3. What are the indicators of money looping?
    Where customers: Use their credit card to make frequent and high value top-ups to their Revolut wallet and transfer those sums to their own, or another individual’s, bank account (whether locally or internationally); and have little to no Revolut card spend.
  4. Pro-tips on getting the most out of Revolut for the long term
    At Revolut, we pride ourselves on offering excellent rates for money exchange and international transfers to help our customers save money.

    Here’s how you can get the most out of your Revolut account:
  • For high value outbound bank transfers or Peer-to-Peer transfers, we encourage you to top up via ATM/ debit card
  • Use Revolut at checkout to save on cross border e-commerce and earn exclusive cashback and discounts through Revolut Rewards

    Add ATM/ debit card to your account now.