The battle of digital multi-currency wallets: 3 reasons why Revolut comes up top

Jocelyn Kaylee Neo

 · 09/16/2021  · 09/16/2021

With leisure travel ramping up and a bigger appetite for crypto on the horizon, digital multi-currency wallets are back in the spotlight. But as fintech platforms and incumbent banks battle it out, what every bystander wants to know is this: “Which do I choose?”

Come along as we talk you through why Revolut could be your ideal financial companion for all things cross-border.

1. Do anything from anywhere with our suite of currencies 🌏

We want to be wherever you need us, so we’ve rolled out all the stops in bringing you the currencies you need.

Not only are we neck-to-neck with YouTrip for international spending, we’re also leading the pack when it comes to currencies for holding and exchanging in-app. This means a Revolut card will let you pay for your purchases and withdraw from an ATM almost anywhere in the world, connect you with loved ones living abroad (yes, you can send in MYR, PHP, IDR, INR and 18 more currencies), and turn investment income made in other currencies to SGD in no time at all.

Our overseas ATM withdrawals are also above par, seeing as we give customers a good number of free withdrawals up to a certain amount in its SGD equivalent. These privileges differ based on your Revolut subscription plan, and all you need to know is here.

2. Our remittance rates are competitive… really competitive 🤑

All your in-app exchanges will be made at the Interbank exchange rate. Compare that with high bank spread charges, and you’ll know why customers across the world love us for our FX rates.

Sending money to another Revolut customer is free regardless of where they are and when you send it. Otherwise, depending on your Revolut subscription plan and when you make your transfer, what you pay for currency conversions and sending money abroad will differ. And unlike our friends at YouTrip, we give our customers the option of sending money to non-Revolut users. All you’ll need is your recipient’s bank account number, and you’ll be able to send them money from within our app.

3. We’re so much more than a multi-currency wallet 📲

When you sign up for a Revolut account, you’re making your financial management experience count. For starters, you’ll be getting an added layer of security when you make payments online with our disposable virtual cards that disappear forever after one use (cool, right?). You can also swap out your physical card for a virtual one and make in-store payments by linking it to your Google Pay or Apple Pay account, freeze and unfreeze cards in-app, and get real-time payment notifications.

We’re also known for our innovative Revolut Junior accounts that give children a head start in financial literacy, budgeting and analytics tools, saving vaults, currency exchange alerts and more. And because we Revoluters never settle, you’ll be getting new and improved products and features from time to time.

Have we sold you on the Revolut experience? Sign up with MyInfo and start counting down to a cool, new way of managing cross-border transfers. Welcome to the new world, where you get more from your money every day!  

This article aims to provide information on digital multi-currency wallets in Singapore and does not provide financial advice in any way. For brevity, the information presented here isn’t meant to be exhaustive, so please do your own research on the official websites by Revolut, DBS My Account, UOB Mighty FX and YouTrip.

Revolut respects our competitors and aims to provide fair information to our readers. All information is accurate at the time of writing on 30 August 2021, 8.00pm SGT. Fees, currencies and other products/features may change with time. A fair usage fee will apply under certain conditions; details can be found here.