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 · 12/02/2021  · 12/02/2021

It goes without saying that when it comes to travelling, money is a deciding factor in where we stay, what we do, and how we eat. Some want to splash out after two years of pandemic-induced travel shutdown, while others may err on the side of caution and choose to take things slow.

No matter when you are planning to travel, it's time to work on your travel budget and make sure you're stretching every hard-earned dollar.

So, how can Revolut help you with your travel planning?  

Fall in love with our overachieving cashback deals 🥇

We love it when you use Revolut to pay for your purchases. To make sure you keep doing that, we are constantly looking for ways to reward you in CASH.

If you're booking air-tickets and accommodation for an upcoming trip, paying with your Revolut card will earn you 3% cashback as long as the spend is made before 23 December 2021. This cashback is given in addition to any existing cashback deals you may enjoy when you use Rewards or Revolut Shopper with partners like Agoda.

What's more? Revolut credits any cashback you've earned into your account so you won't ever forget to use them.

Make use of our attractive interbank exchange rates 💰

Once you've determined how much you need for your trip, you might want to start exchanging your SGD with the currency of your destination. We have over 28 currencies that you can exchange and hold in the app.

To make sure you don't miss out on a good rate, you can set the app to automatically buy the currency you want when it hits a specified rate. Once it's exchanged, your money is protected from any further currency fluctuation.

Group Vault might just keep your friendships intact! 👯

Who paid for what? Who owes who how much? Who had wine at dinner? Questions like these are bound to lead to some awkward moments and put a dampener on everyone's mood.

To avoid this, set up a Group Vault and add your friends (they'll need to be Revolut users too) to it so everyone can start contributing towards the trip. Use the money saved here to pay for meals and groceries, and agree that everyone is obliged to put in more money once it runs out.

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Safe travels!