Commonly asked questions: exclusive tie-up

Pam Chuang

 · 08/27/2020  · 08/27/2020

  1. How long does the exclusive offer last?
    The exclusive cashback tie up with will end on 30th September. Access Revolut app to book your next vacation.
  2. Can we make the booking via app?
    No. The special cashback deal is only available via the Revolut app. Update your app to the latest 7.13 version, tap Rewards and select to view the properties and corresponding cashback deals. Book your reservation from the web link provided (not via the app) and checkout using your Revolut card to be eligible for the cashback. Please read the Rewards conditions on the website for full details.
  3. Are the cashback offers just for Singapore properties or applies to overseas properties as well?
    It applies to both local and overseas properties for Revolut customers domiciled in Singapore. Cashback and cancellation details differs by properties. Please refer to each property reservation details.
  4. How far ahead can I make my hotel booking?
    You can book your accommodation up to 1 year in advance from your travel date
  5. If the hotel cost $494 for 3 nights, with cited cashback at S$74, do I pay the S$494 or the difference?
    Customers need to pay the reflected price and corresponding taxes and charges for each booked property. On completion of stay and validation of payment using Revolut, customers will receive the cashback in their Revolut e-wallet, which in this case will be S$74.
  6. How will I receive the cashback?
    You will receive the cashback in your Revolut account upon completion of stay and validation of payment using Revolut
  7. What is the cancellation policy?
    The cancellation policies differs by properties. Some have free cancellation; with no prepayment needed. Please review the cancellation policies for each property.
  8. What is the cancellation policy related to Coronavirus?
    You may be able to cancel due to the circumstances related to Coronavirus. However this is dependent on several factors, including your destination, the date you made your booking, your departure date, your arrival date, your country of origin, and your reason for travelling.

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