Revolut Shopper is "weirdly satisfying" to use

Revolut Singapore

 · 08/16/2021  · 08/16/2021

When it comes to shopping — online or otherwise — no one wants to miss out on a good deal. At Revolut, we know it can be time-consuming keeping track of coupon codes and remembering which merchant is having a sale. That's why we created the Revolut Shopper Chrome browser extension to help you get more out of your online retail therapy.

For June K., a 37-year-old freelance designer, the experience with Revolut Shopper has been — in her own words — "weirdly satisfying".

"I've been a Revolut customer since early 2020. I got Revolut because I was planning to visit my brother in Austria and my friends told me about its competitive FX rates," she tells us. June was able to make that trip in February 2020, just before travel restrictions were put in place worldwide due to the COVID pandemic.

"Without travel, my Revolut card was sitting idle in my passport holder," she adds. "I know I can use it in Singapore but I continued using my other bank cards out of habit."

Easy to use and track

June found out about Revolut Shopper one evening when she told a friend she was planning to get a rowing machine from sporting goods retailer Decathlon. "It was weird using Revolut on a desktop," she admits. "But when I realised it was super easy to complete my purchases, I started going to some of my favourite sites to see if they were part of the Revolut Shopper experience."

"After a week or so, I got pinged on my phone saying my cashback has been tracked. I like that there's a place in the app that lets me know which cashback is pending and which ones are completed."  

More secure shopping

"There are definitely other ways to get more cashback for your online purchases but I like how my card details are automatically entered by simply clicking an icon on the checkout page. I also like that I have the option to use a disposable card, which really makes the shopping super secure."

Revolut Shopper extension's autofill function also works on sites that don't have any cashback promotions.

Budgeting made easy

The fact that Revolut works like a debit card and not a credit card is important to June, who confesses to being a hopeless shopaholic.

"Now, I just have to top up my Revolut account with the budget I have for online shopping and pay for my stuff with Revolut. I'm less inclined to charge everything to my credit cards and my bills have become more manageable."

June, we hope you'll start using Revolut to pay for other things like your groceries and restaurant bills too.

Learn how you can install Revolut Shopper on your Chrome browser here.