Revoluters share their shopping list for 11.11

Pam Chuang

 · 11/04/2020  · 11/04/2020

With Singles Day just around the corner, four Revoluters tell us what they’re hoping to snap up

The most important shopping day - Singles Day - is coming up and it’s only natural, given the impact of the pandemic, that brands are excited to use the festival to draw shoppers in.

According to data at Revolut Singapore, both international and local ecommerce transactions amongst our customers have risen multiple-folds since the Singapore government first announced circuit-breaker measures in April. To help you get more from your money, we launched Rewards so you can enjoy amazing cashback deals when you spend with our merchant partners using your Revolut card.  

The deals are so good, even our teammates at Revolut can’t wait to enjoy them! So what exactly are they checking out?

Dong Muyun Operations Manager “I’m gonna grab some activewear since there is no such thing as too many pairs of yoga pants. Another thing I’m thinking of getting is a new iPhone for my mum - she’s been dropping hints for some time now!” 

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Joelle Ang  Senior HR Manager “I’m planning to load up on skincare products and make-up from Lazada and Sephora because I didn’t buy enough during 10.10. Also on my list is activewear as working from home means we can dress more comfortably.”

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Jonathan Ng Senior Product Operations Manager “Definitely more activewear from Nike and Decathlon for me and my family so we can go on more hikes together. I’m on the lookout for stylish cooling-gear and a hat for my daughter so she’ll be more comfortable in the heat.”

If you are not a registered customer of Decathlon's online shop or physical stores, you stand to enjoy 6.3% cashback. Existing customers, you get 1.4% cashback.

Sam Chui Senior Marketing Manager “I will be trying to get a headstart on Christmas shopping for my friends and family. I also have my eye set on a new pair of headphones (which seem to be on offer on Amazon!) and maybe a new RIMOWA luggage for when travel opens up again.”

If you’re charging your international e-commerce purchases to your Revolut card, always choose to pay in the site’s local currency (e.g. USD) for savings between 2-3%. You don’t need to convert currencies; Revolut automatically converts them at the best exchange rate.