Round up your spare change and support a charity with Revolut

Revolut Singapore

 · 01/26/2021  · 01/26/2021

Revolut Singapore is proud to announce the release of a new in-app feature called Donations. Donations will allow you to round up your card payments and donate the difference to the charities on Revolut.

You'll also be able to make one-off donations or set up recurring contributions, which can be terminated at any time by you.

You do not have to make a minimum donation amount. It's entirely up to you how much you want to contribute.

Unlike many traditional banks, payment firms and fundraising platforms, Revolut does not charge its customers or the charities a fee for the donations. This means that 100 percent of the funds collected from you will go to the charities.

The feature is launched with 3 charities: The Singapore Red Cross, Club Rainbow (Singapore) and the Singapore Cancer Society. Each of these charities seek to positively impact lives and relieve suffering caused by poverty and disease. In addition to these charities, we will be adding others over the course of the year.

To start donating, simply click on the Marketplace icon at the bottom right of your Revolut home-screen, tap on "Donations", and choose the charity you'd like to support.

On behalf of the charities, we thank you for your generosity.