Revolut global survey reveals 73% of Singaporeans want to travel as soon as possible

Revolut Singapore

 · 05/12/2021  · 05/12/2021

In February 2021, a survey by Expedia showed that Singapore is the most vacation-deprived country in the world. So when we did a global survey around travel attitudes two weeks ago, let's just say we were hardly surprised by what we found.

Staycation or further? 🛫

Given a choice between going overseas or taking a staycation in the next few months, 55% of respondents in Singapore chose the former. 11%, however, indicated that they still don’t feel comfortable doing either due to the pandemic.

Safety is an important consideration 🚗

47% of Singaporeans said they will use a car or another private means of transportation to limit the risks of Covid-19 infection while moving about their holiday destinations this year. 10% of respondents stated they will use public transportation with no worries about getting infected.

With regards to payment methods, 61% (the highest amongst all countries surveyed) stated that they will prefer to use a phone or card to make payments so that they can avoid touching cash.

On the personal safety side, 70% expressed that a good healthcare system is a crucial consideration when it comes to choosing their travel destination. Only 5% admitted they won’t be considering this factor before booking a trip.

Immunity Passport is a must 💉

Singaporeans seem to be the most hopeful about obtaining an Immunity Passport with 88% of respondents saying they hope to get theirs very soon. Italians come in second at 75%. 82% of respondents said that it is a good tool to allow people to travel safely. It seems Singaporeans regard an immunity passport as a “new normal” in travel - only 5% believed it will discriminate against those who don’t possess one, the lowest amongst all countries surveyed .

Hotels and longer holidays are the favourite options 📆

A hotel that follows safety requirements is the favourite choice for 64% of Singaporeans, followed by 16% who said they will choose to stay at a family or friend’s house out of convenience or peace of mind during the pandemic.

As a possible consequence of travel restrictions, almost one-third of respondents said they plan to travel a number of times for shorter stays or long weekends. However, wanderlust remains strong in over 40% who said they still plan to take one or more long holidays. Only 11% of respondents plan to travel only once in the next few months.  

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And until we can go on that long awaited vacation, keep healthy and stay safe!

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