Get more from the brands you love with Revolut Rewards

Elizabeth McGrath

 · 08/13/2020  · 08/13/2020

We’re always looking for ways to help you get more of what you love. Today we’re excited to share a great new feature for you, our Revolut US customers, that does exactly that. Say hello to Rewards!

Great discounts and cashback offers from famous brands

Redeem amazing rewards in-app, every day. Claiming your discount or cashback is as simple as following a link and using your Revolut card at checkout – you’ll either pay less up-front, or receive the cashback automatically into your Revolut account. It's that easy! Claiming Rewards does not affect your credit score and is fee-free.

Personalized Rewards, carefully selected just for you.

We want you to get the Rewards that are most relevant for you, so where possible we personalize them! You’ll see brands and discounts we think you’ll love the most at the top, and you can browse the list further to discover something new.  

Explore brilliant offers selected just for you, from brands like, Casper, Banana Republic, Gap, and Postmates.

To see all the top brands on offer, just open your app and click the Rewards tab.