Introducing Rev Me! 💳📲

Revolut Contributor

 · 03/11/2020  · 03/11/2020

Collecting money from people can be a tricky task.🤔 Whether it’s splitting the bill after dinner, dividing up household costs with your roommates or covering the cost of a holiday with a group of friends - the endless calculations and sending around your account details is a tedious task. 😓


Our customers have already been using Revolut to send and request money from each other. When you pick up the bill, for instance, your friends can pay you back instantly by sending you money from their Revolut account. 💪


Now, you can also request money from people who don’t have Revolut - and they can pay you back instantly using a debit card. It’s free, takes around 60 seconds, and eliminates the hassle of sending around your account details! 💸

Note: Commercial/ Corporate cards and cards issued outside of the EEA are supported, but may incur a small fee. Please see the fees section of our T&Cs for more information.

Here’s how it works

You can request money from any of your phone contacts in the Payments tab of the Revolut app. Simply select the friend that owes you money, type in the amount, and send them the payment request link instantly via SMS or however suits you. 📲


When they click on the payment request url, all they need to do is enter their details including those on their bank card and the money will be instantly paid into your Revolut account. 🚀


Your friends who already use Revolut can pay you back in a single tap via their Revolut account. Those who don’t use Revolut can just pay you back instantly with a debit or credit card. It’s as simple as that! 😌