Revolut vs WorldRemit: which is better for sending money abroad?

Elizabeth McGrath

 · 11/12/2021  · 11/12/2021

If you’re an expat, exchange student, or living overseas, you’ve probably had to send money abroad at some point. The problem is that sending international money transfers is expensive, and the plethora of options out there makes it even harder.

Today, we’re going to simplify all of that for you. Let’s talk about WorldRemit. How do they compare to Revolut in terms of price if you want to send money abroad?

Revolut vs WorldRemit: FX rates and fees

WorldRemit charges significantly higher exchange rates compared to Revolut.

Revolut uses the real exchange rate. These are the buy and sell rates we have determined based on the foreign exchange market data feeds we consume from a range of different independent sources.

Revolut vs WorldRemit: Transfer Fees

When it comes to transfer fees, Revolut wins again. With Revolut, all users can send up to 10 international transfers per month, fee-free. On the other hand, WorldRemit always charges a transfer fee that varies depending on the currency.

Still not convinced? Take a look at the table below for transfer fees and how much your recipient would get if you were to send $1000 USD from the US as a Standard Customer via bank transfer.

If you convert $1000 to this currency and make a transfer in a local currency

You will pay this much using Revolut

You will pay this much using WorldRemit

Your recipient will receive this much using Revolut

Your recipient will receive this much using WorldRemit

You would have saved approximately this much using Revolut






~ $19






~ $21






~ $17






~ $45

This comparison shows the cost of a transfer for a Standard Revolut customer before reaching the monthly FX fair usage limit. You can avoid FX fair usage fees if you are on a paid plan (Premium or Metal). The pricing in this table was collected from the WorldRemit website and is accurate as of November 9, 2021 at 7pm BST.

Verdict: Which is better for sending money abroad?

Revolut is the clear winner! With a better FX rate and no transfer fees, the sender pays less and the recipient receives more in every scenario in the table above if they use Revolut.

With Revolut, you can make 10 international transfers from the US per month, fee-free!

Revolut has no hidden fees and offers great exchange rates, making it simpler and more affordable to send money abroad. Just choose how much you want to send and where to. We’ll take care of the rest.
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