Supporting you during the Coronavirus outbreak

Chad West

 · 03/20/2020  · 03/20/2020

As much of the world goes into self-quarantine, we’d like you to know that we’re not going anywhere. While many of our teams are working from home, it’s business as usual for your Revolut account. In terms of actions, we will...

Continue to support you 24/7

As a digital, cloud-based company all of our teams are well equipped and fully trained to work from home. In particular, our customer support team is online and ready to help, directly from the comfort and safety of their homes. However, due to the global impact of Covid-19, there is a risk that you may face slightly longer waiting times in busy periods.

Update you with the latest information

We have dedicated teams monitoring the situation every day to ensure that our customer support team can update you with new information regarding your account, and to ensure that we can adapt to any sudden changes or escalations.

Monitor your Coronavirus questions

We’re monitoring the questions that you have about Coronavirus to improve the quality and speed of our service. This will also help us to better inform and train our customer support agents as the situation goes on, and help us to ensure that we have enough staff  to help you.

Oh, and one more thing...

Try to avoid handling cash

Last week, the World Health Organisation (WHO) advised people against using physical cash. The virus can stick to hard surfaces for several days.

So we’d encourage you to make digital payments instead. Remember that all Revolut cards are fully contactless and we support Apple and Google Pay (assuming your country supports this service). You can link your Revolut card to Apple or Google Pay in seconds from the app, directly from the ‘Cards’ section.

Stay safe,

Team Revolut