We’re getting a fresh new look at Revolut 🤩

Chris Hayward

 · 03/23/2020  · 03/23/2020

One app to manage your entire financial life. It’s a pretty audacious goal, and one which many told us wasn’t possible when we started Revolut five years ago. Since then, millions around the world have joined our community, and become familiar with our distinctive visual style.

Those characteristic ‘R’ and ‘Revolut’ logos have served us well over the years, but as we grow and mature, so too must our style. From today and over the coming months, we’ll be bringing you updates on our new visual identity.

What’s changing at Revolut? 😎

The decision to update our visual style wasn’t one taken lightly. As we continued to add more features to the app, from Savings Vaults and Open Banking, to Gold trading, it seemed only natural that a more refined, more mature visual style would follow.

Over the coming months, you’ll notice updates to our ‘R’ and ‘Revolut’ logos, as well as our font. None of this affects your app’s functionality, of course, but it’ll arguably make your phone look just that little bit cooler.

Will there be new cards? 💳

Eventually, yes. We’ve been working on new card designs for some time now, and these will be released in due course. Keep an eye out for those!

In the meantime, let us know what you think of our new look by tagging us on social @revolutapp.