You can now search for your transactions 🔍

Anna Koutras

 · 09/06/2018  · 09/06/2018

Whether you want to double check if ‘Ben’ ever paid you back, or you’re wondering how much you paid for that hotel in France - our new search tool is just what you need.

Forget endlessly scrolling through transactions hoping to find the one you’re looking for! We’ve now made it super simple for you to pinpoint any transaction in your accounts.

So how do I use this search feature? 🕵️

Before you can start using the new search tool, make sure you update the Revolut app from the app store.

Update your app 📲

Once you have the latest version, you can easily use the search function to locate any payment in just a few taps. All you need to do is head to the home screen in the app and tap on the magnifying glass, which you’ll find in the top left hand corner above the ‘+’ button.

From here, you’ll be able search by:
Merchant (ie. Starbucks)
Personal name (ie. John Doe)
Notes (ie. Rent)
City or Country

You can also search by category, so if you want to remember the name of that great restaurant you went to in Barcelona for example, you could search by “Spain”, or “Restaurants” or even the amount you spent - if you remember it!

The best part is, you’ll be able to search across all your accounts - there’s no need to switch between them when you’re looking for a specific transaction. 😎

It’s super simple to use and we hope that it will transform the the way you search through your payments. After all, nobody’s got time for sifting through a sea of transactions.