Exit lockdown in style with our new company cards

Elizabeth McGrath

 · 06/23/2021  · 06/23/2021

Businesses and customers everywhere are spending again - hallelujah. In fact, Revolut Business card payments are up by 30% in the past 3 months!

You’ve been spending more everywhere, but especially with Facebook, Amazon and Apple where we saw an 8% increase with card payments. That’s not to mention all the other increases....(so that’s the Internet, office supplies and snacks - pretty much what we spend our money on too.)

You may be pleased to know that here at Revolut Business Towers, our data wizards had forecast this increase, which is why during lockdown we’ve been hard at work improving our cards. So that we’d be ready for this exact moment to serve you better.

Goodbye prepaid, hello debit cards!

Now you can pay with confidence wherever you are, because we’ve replaced prepaid cards with debit cards and they're even more widely accepted. Don’t forget about our virtual debit cards too - a great way to stay secure online. We’ve seen a huge 40% hike in the number of transactions done with virtual cards this last quarter and we’re delighted they’re working so well for you. Use them to track things like your recurring online spend, such as your software subscriptions or Facebook and Google Ads. Each team member can have up to 200!

Control them easily in-app or online

We know you do business on-the-go, so now you can easily manage your cards from anywhere, including your team’s. Whether that’s showing a PIN on web or easily controlling team card spending on your mobile – we’ve got you covered. You can set limits, track, freeze/unfreeze and decide where cards can be used. You’re the boss.

Get as many as you like for unlimited team members

We see lots of teams growing and that’s great! The number of staff given Revolut Business cards went up by 30% last quarter. Which is why you can now invite as many team members as you want and empower them with company debit cards that you control. In fact, one of our top tier customers issued cards to 379 of their staff last quarter, empowering them to work faster - with all expenses tracked, making life so much easier for the finance team. Applause! All cards support Apple/Google Pay and are 3D Secure.

Exit lockdown in style with slick new company cards

You might have spruced up your wardrobe ready for business lunches again - but let’s not forget your wallet! Our slick new cards won’t let you down. We’ve improved the quality so they feel even more premium and they come in distinctive new colours – metal gold card, anyone? Forged from 18 grams of stainless steel, our iconic metal cards make an impression and are for paid plans only. If you carry our plastic cards, they’re now available in black or white and have also had an upgrade so they feel even more premium. Perfect for travel, restaurants and team events with expenses automatically tracked.

So get your new card and then get back out there. Enjoy that overdue business lunch!

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