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Fair Usage Policy Update

We’ve got some important changes coming up so keep reading! We’ve recently updated our terms and conditions and Fair Usage policy for ATM withdrawals.

ATM withdrawals

Our mission is to help you save as much money as possible. However, ATM withdrawals are particularly expensive for us. To cover our costs, we are introducing a monthly free usage limit of £200 (€200/$200), with a small 2% fee thereafter.

We’ve worked hard to ensure that these changes maintain the best value for our customers. As you can see from the table below, a typical UK bank or currency card specialists charge between 3-6% for for every overseas ATM cash withdrawal.


These changes apply to new users immediately and will come into effect on 5th February 2017 for existing users. Please check our website HERE for full details.

What’s not changing for our users:

  • You can use your RevolutCard to spend around the globe in shops or online, with interbank rates and no fees!
  • Free international bank transfers in 23 currencies, at interbank rates.
  • Free, instant currency exchange at interbank rates.
  • Free Revolut account with no management fees.
  • Free use of all the features you love including request money; spending analytics and next generation security features.

Other Revolut news:

On another note, we’ve released some awesome new features recently including a spending analytics tool which shows you exactly how much you’re spending, on what, and where.

We’d love to hear your feedback on what features you’d like up next via our Community Page.


Thanks for your continued support; we’ve got some great new products lined up for the next year. Bring on 2017!