Fall in love with our latest updates

Elizabeth McGrath

 · 02/06/2021  · 02/06/2021

What would Valentine's Day be without new features, delivered to you with love from Revolut? From candlestick charts to new flexible Group Vault controls – feast your eyes on our latest updates:

Track crypto and commodities price movements by the hour

With new candlestick charts available in-app, you can get a highly detailed view of price movements down to the hour for all of our crypto and commodities. As the crypto market is known for moving especially quickly, candlestick charts can be a really helpful tool for staying on top of things.

Set limit and stop orders on crypto & commodities

You'll have even more control of your trades as the markets move now that you can set limit and stop orders on crypto and commodities with ease. This will help you stay within your budget and means you can buy at the price that’s right for you!

Get flexible withdrawal controls for your Group Vaults

With more controls added to Group Vaults, the group admin can now give members the ability to withdraw, or choose to allow them to deposit only. So if you’re all pitching in to buy someone a special gift, it means one person can buy the cake and someone else can sort the present – which can be very helpful if the group admin is too busy to hit the (online) shops!

See key info and highlights like Analytics on your home feed

Explore your updated home feed. You’ll find highlights and shortcuts added for key info like analytics and more. Get ready to feel super-informed!

Please note, crypto and commodities are provided by Revolut Ltd while other services and products to users in EEA are provided by Revolut Payments UAB.

Make sure you’ve updated your app so you can access these new features. See you next month with the latest releases - stay safe!