FAQs: Our temporary top-up changes in Australia

elizabeth mcgrath

 · June 19, 2020  · 06/19/2020

  1. Why has my bank charged me a fee for topping-up my Revolut account?

We are changing the provider that manages our card top-ups. For the next few weeks, they will be supporting us from their international division, before switching to their local division shortly.

While the new provider temporarily manages top-ups from outside your home country, your card issuer may add an international transfer fee if you use a credit card or debit card to top up the funds in your Revolut account. When our new payment provider completes the transition to its local division these fees should no longer be charged.

In the meantime, we’d recommend topping-up your Revolut account by bank transfer instead to avoid this issue.

2. Will Revolut refund the fee?

Yes! To ensure our customers are not impacted by the change, Revolut will cover the fee for you until the transition is complete. If we think your card issuer will charge you a fee, we’ll send you a refund amount that should arrive in your Revolut account shortly after you top-up.

*Note: The refund will only cover fees applied for topping up your Revolut account by credit or debit card. Other fees as disclosed in our Fees and Charges section will continue to apply.

3. The amount Revolut has credited me doesn’t match my bank’s fee. What can I do?

If we’ve given you too much, you can keep it. If we haven’t sent you enough, send a screenshot via in-app chat that shows the fee your bank has charged, and we’ll be happy to make up the difference.

4. My bank has charged me a fee but I didn’t receive a refund. What can I do?

Not everyone will be charged a bank fee for topping-up their Revolut account with their debit or credit card. But if you have been charged and we didn’t pick up your fee, send us a screenshot of the bank charge via our in-app chat and we’ll happily cover the cost.

5. I had my card details stored in Revolut. Now they’ve disappeared. What’s going on?

As we’ve changed payment providers, we haven’t passed on your card details to the new company. So you’ll simply need to re-enter them.

6. How does this affect my Revolut card?

It doesn’t! The changes and fees above don’t apply to your Revolut card, which you can use as normal! It only applies to top-ups of your Revolut account using other cards (like a debit or credit card).