How flexible working model improves your mental health - with Laurynas Spangevicius

Karolina Kubala

 · 11/03/2021  · 11/03/2021

Earlier this year, we moved to permanent flexible working and introduced a 2-month Work Abroad policy - something that many Revoluters felt would help with our work-life balance and wellbeing. Laurynas Spangevicius, our Senior Operations Manager for Revolut Bank, was one of the first people to pack up and move to sunny Gran Canaria.

“I think it really changed me - I will never be the same in terms of mindset.”

Read on to hear his story.

When all roads lead home - and to Revolut!

Like most of us, I first discovered Revolut as a customer. My friends and former colleagues used to call me a part-time Revolut ambassador given how much I talked about it. Because I believed in the product so much, I’ve always wanted to join and contribute to the growth of Revolut.

Funnily enough, I was rejected by Revolut twice when I first applied - but the third role I applied for was just a perfect fit for me for multiple reasons. I was still living in London, but the role was based in Lithuania - my home country. By then, I had already spent 10 years abroad in Glasgow, Singapore, New York and London, and it really felt like the perfect time to come back home.
It was really important to me that I continued working in an international environment and contributing to something revolutional. I’ve found all of that here. Today, I work on all things Revolut Bank: from preparing our EU Banking strategy to its implementation.

Flexibility driving motivation

Lithuania is great, but the winters here get pretty gloomy. Luckily, last winter while Lithuania was still in lockdown, Revolut launched our Work Abroad policy. My manager was completely supportive, so I arranged the whole trip in about 4 days. I ended up spending 2 months in Gran Canaria and Tenerife.

In hindsight, the main benefits were improved mental and physical health. It’s a shame that it took a global pandemic to get me to travel and do things like this, but it made me realize how much you can get out of it. When you’re home, it’s easy to fall into a routine, and with the dark winters that we have in Lithuania, it starts to affect you. Going out there and changing things up gave me more motivation at work and a fresh perspective. Getting some sun and vitamin D, going for a jog after work, or a swim in a pool or the ocean - it really helped me to focus. Another mandatory meditative item on the agenda for me was watching the sunset, as we had a gorgeous view from our place. I didn’t expect to feel so many different effects of it, but I think I was able to accomplish more than if I had stayed at home. Juggling the time zones was the main issue for me, but a couple of weeks in you really find your rhythm. I used to think that people who do this kind of traveling only pretend to be working - but there’s a lot more to it; it’s all about our mental and physical health. I’m sure I’ll be organising something similar again next winter.

Do you share Laurynas’ passion for building revolutionary products, and look for the kind of flexibility that we have at Revolut? Come join Revoluters in Lithuania - we’re hiring, so make sure to explore our open roles!