Free coding classes for women 👩‍💻

Nik Storonsky

 · 05/02/2018  · 05/02/2018

There is a serious lack of female engineers in the market, so we've decided to do something about it.

Last week, we announced our latest funding round of $250m and spilled the beans on our plans to massively upscale our engineering hub here in London.

And while attracting the best and brightest engineers is always the goal for any high growth startup, we also want to ensure a strong gender balance within our engineering teams and to attract more women into technical roles.

Recent data has shown that only 20% of women study computer science at GCSE level, and fewer than 16% then go on to study this at university. Therefore it should come as no surprise that men dominate engineering roles within the tech scene.

And so, to help combat this issue and improve our own gender balance within our engineering teams, we are really excited to announce that Revolut will be running free monthly coding classes for women at our new office space in London.

"While a lot of tech companies talk a good game about how important gender balance is to them, we've identified our own imbalance within our engineering teams and are taking action ourselves to help tackle this issue. I hope Revolut can really kick this kind of initiative off in the hope that other tech companies follow suit and provide more opportunities for women who are keen to learn code."
Nikolay Storonsky, Revolut CEO

What will the classes look like? 🤔

We'll aim to run the free classes on a monthly basis with personal coaching from some of our most experienced engineers. Classes will be limited to 15-20 students in order to ensure that we can provide as much 1-1 support as possible.

Our engineers will look to cover as much of the space as possible, including web, mobile and server development as well as providing practical advice for those women looking to break into the tech scene as an engineer.

While we're still working on the nuts and the bolts, we'll aim to launch the first set of classes in early June, and these will be announced via our social media channels.