Freelancers, it's time to go Pro

Emmajo Read

 · 09/20/2022  · 09/20/2022

Looking to take your side-hustle front and centre? Make your freelance gig your main gig? Whether you’re full-time or part-time, Revolut Pro lets you create a separate space within your everyday Revolut app to manage your freelance finances.

Specially designed for freelancers, casual sellers, side-hustlers, and gig workers, Pro is a free, easy, and reliable way to manage your business funds if you're one of our UK or EEA customers.

We know when you’re starting your own project, or taking on more as a team of one, you don’t need a fully-fledged business account or accounting software. You just need easy access to simple business tools that save you time and take your passion to the next level. That’s exactly what Pro gives you – and it's all readily accessible from your Revolut Hub.

Earn 1% cashback on card spend

Your free Pro card rewards you with 1% cashback on all card purchases. As you buy supplies, book travel, and keep yourself fed and watered while working away, you can earn as you spend with Pro

Get paid in seconds, wherever you are

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling vintage clothes behind a stall or offering web design services from your desk, you can accept payments in seconds with professional payment links, QR codes, invoices or our card reader. Simply enter the amount, currency and description in the Revolut app, and get paid via Visa, Mastercard, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Revolut Pay or bank transfer

Everything you need as a sole trader, built into your Revolut app

From ingoings and outgoings to expenses and invoices, keep your freelance finances a tap away from your everyday spending. You don’t even need to open a new app, let alone a new business account. Plus, no fees, deposit or balance requirements or credit checks

Revolut Pro is currently available to our customers in the UK and EEA. T&Cs apply.

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