New Marketplace integration: Make accounting tasks faster with - France

David Dinwiddie

 · 11/25/2020  · 11/25/2020

We love our self-employed and freelance customers – it takes bravery to go it alone, and that’s why we’re excited to introduce another addition to our Marketplace specifically for freelancers and self-employed businesses. Our customers in France can now connect their Revolut Business accounts to to make accounting tasks faster and easier.

What is

Georges is an accountant bot for freelancers and the self-employed. Thanks to artificial intelligence, Georges automates time-consuming tasks – it securely synchronizes bank account transactions, turns them into accounting lines and sorts them into tax categories in real time.

At the end of the financial year, Georges automatically generates taxes and sends them to the Administration.

Georges is made for self-employed under BNC and companies subject to “impôt sur les sociétés.”

How does help Revolut Business users?

Georges makes it simple for Revolut Business users to do their accounting in an intuitive and automated way.

  • Data Thanks to the synchronisation between Georges and Revolut Business, there is no need to manually enter transactions. Revolut Business automatically sends daily incomes and expenses to Georges.
  • Automatic Georges automatically categorises these transactions, so Revolut Business users save time on bookkeeping.
  • Tax generation Georges pre-files the various tax reports (VAT, 2035, 2033, 2065,...) and guides users through tax-filing.
  • A dedicated customer care team Georges' support team is available from Monday to Friday to help our customers – they have an amazing 98% satisfaction rate.
  • Be your own accountant Georges is three to five times cheaper than a traditional accountant. It enables users to be more autonomous with the security of an automated and 100% compliant software.

Not a customer yet?

Signing up with is easy. Create your Georges account in minutes and try it for free for 15 days with your Revolut Business account.

1. Add your credentials, last name and first name

2. If legal information about your activity is public, Georges will get it. If not, you can add it by yourself

3. Synchronise your Revolut Business account with Georges

4. That’s it! Georges now set up and ready to process your transactions

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