Have you booked your Easter Holiday yet?

Rob Braileanu

 · 02/27/2018  · 02/27/2018

With just over a month to go until the Easter Holidays, many of us have already started to pick out travel destinations at home and beyond.

Whether you’re longing for a warm breeze on the beach or fancy exploring the great outdoors here in the UK, here are some essential tips to make the most of your Easter Holidays.

Spend Abroad with No Fees

The Canary Islands, Greece and Spain are some of the top travel destinations Brits have been choosing for their Easter Holidays this year. But spending money abroad can come at a cost - it’s estimated that last year UK travellers paid over £5 billion in fees for exchanging cash or paying with their bank card abroad. To put things into perspective, our travel experts have compared the cost of spending £500 in Europe:


Order your Revolut card today to avoid getting hit by excessive fees and marked-up exchange rates.

Track your Holiday Spending

It’s pretty easy to tap away with your contactless card, but keeping track of your money can help you save a few Pounds. Revolut’s in-app analytics automatically categorises your transactions to give you a detailed overview of your spending, which allows you to plan ahead and stay within your budget.

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The tool allows you to group transactions by type, including categories for travel, restaurants, groceries, entertainment and more. It can also group spending by individual merchant as well as by country, letting you know precisely where your money is going.


Turn on Auto Top-Up

Have you ever tried to use your card only to find out you don’t have enough balance? Let’s face it - we’ve all done the walk of shame after being hit with the audacious ‘insufficient funds’ message at the POS.

You can combat this issue by simply activating auto top-up. The feature only tops up your account whenever your balance is running low. Turn auto top-up on in one tap and you won’t ever have to do the walk of shame again.


Split the Cost of Your Holiday

Are you travelling with your mates this Easter? We know that splitting bills and keeping tabs on who's paid for what can be a massive pain.

With Revolut, you can split bills instantly at the touch of a button and even request money from friends who aren’t on Revolut yet. Just swipe left on a payment, choose the people to split it with, and as soon as they tap accept - you’ll receive the money instantly.


Get Pay-per-Day Travel Insurance

Travel insurance can set you back quite a bit, depending on when you travel. Revolut’s award winning Pay-per-Day overseas medical insurance uses geolocation technology, so you only pay for the days that you’re actually away.

Choose worldwide emergency medical and dental coverage from just £1 per day, or opt in for our budget-friendly annual travel insurance plan from just £30 - perfect for frequent travellers!


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