Help fight wildfires across Turkey and Greece

Emma Potter

 · 08/18/2021  · 08/18/2021

Over the last few weeks, extreme temperatures in Greece and Turkey have led to widespread, sweeping wildfires across both countries. These unprecedented blazes have devastated communities, livelihoods and wildlife, and it’s time to do something about it. At Revolut, we’ve made it easy to pitch in and help.

Together, we can help extinguish the wildfires 🔥

We’ve joined forces with WWF, who are providing vital support to the communities and wildlife affected in Greece and Turkey. They need our help to keep up their amazing work in critically affected areas.

“We are devastated by the current fires which are of unprecedented intensity in the recent history of Turkey. At least 140 thousand hectares of forests have been lost in the last 7 days, which is 15 times more than the previous years’ average total*,” says Aslı Pasinli, CEO, WWF Turkey.

“We have just started up an emergency programme for rescue and care of the injured wildlife. There is much to be said and done once the emergency is over, but currently all our efforts are on immediate action. We trust that you will stand with us in this historic mission.”

Show your support in seconds ⏱️

WWF is launching an emergency appeal to support WWF Turkey’s conservation efforts. With the money raised, these teams along with local organisations will be able to carry out work including:

💚 Providing emergency funds to fight ongoing forest fires and care for wildlife
💚 Building rescue, care and rehabilitation capacity
💚 Supporting response, recovery and restoration teams

Giving though Revolut is easy, fast and fee-free. You can donate money with just a tap in the app. And there are a variety of ways to donate, so you can choose the one that works best for you.

Every donation makes a difference 🌏

You can give from as little as $1. It might not seem like much, but small donations have a massive impact when they all work together. And no fees means 100% of every donation made with Revolut goes to the charity. Choose a one-off donation, set up a recurring transfer or round up and donate your spare change from Revolut purchases.

How to donate:

❤️ Make sure you’ve got the latest version of the app
❤️ Head to My hub > Donations
❤️ Find WWF under ‘All charities’
❤️ Enter the amount you want to give and tap ‘Donate’
❤️ Spread the word on social media for maximum impact

*The data in this blog comes from WWF (August 2021)

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