Help us name this awesome feature πŸŽ‰

Rob Braileanu

 Β· 03/20/2018  Β· 03/20/2018

We're launching an incredibly cool product, and we'd love for you to help us name it!

A couple of weeks back, as part of our strategy to bring you even closer to our brand, we announced that we would be actively reaching out to our community to help us name future products. And staying true to our word, here is your first challenge!

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What is this mystery feature? πŸ€”

Most of you will have at least one financial goal this year. Whether you're saving for that dream holiday or looking to upgrade your car, there must be something that you want? The problem with saving is that it takes a lot of discipline to achieve your goal and it's often hard to keep track of your progress. Not anymore... 😎

We're about to launch a new feature that will allow you to put money aside effortlessly, so that you can start saving for the things you want. Think of it as an intelligent piggy bank!

Spare change saving πŸ’Έ
This new feature will allow you to round up each transaction to the nearest Pound, Euro or whatever you're spending in, and put the remainder in a separate wallet, to help you save for your goal.

Lump sum saving πŸ’°
Every week or month, you can set it up so that a specific amount will automatically transfer from your main wallet to your savings wallet. For example, you may want Β£50 to go into your savings wallet right after each payday.

Crypto saving πŸ€‘
Similarly to the spare change feature, this one will allow you to round up your spending to the nearest Pound / Euro and automatically invest this money into your favourite cryptocurrencies, so that you can start to build your portfolio.

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Great, so let's give it a name! πŸ™‹

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