Here I can be truly who I am

Karolina Gruszczyk

 · 06/24/2022  · 06/24/2022

Feeling that you’re different from what the people around you perceive as normal can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. It’s on businesses to ensure every employee feels included and supported exactly as the irreplaceable individual they are. To create a space where everyone feels safe and welcome.

Thays Fores comes from Brazil. She's a Culture and Engagement Manager in our People Experience department and has her own story to tell about diversity and true inclusion 🌈

‘When I first had my interview for Revolut, I was asked by one of my interviewers about what type of company I would like to work for. I promptly replied: a company where I could be who I truly am, without the fear of retaliation.

I am a Latin American, lesbian woman living abroad, in a country that is not very open for the LGBTQIAP+ cause. I was born and raised in a country that can be considered synonymous with Diversity: Brazil.

I can say that as a Brazilian, I was built as an individual by Diversity, so finding a diverse and welcoming working environment meant everything to me. It wasn’t without fear, however, that I answered that question during my interview, and I was surprised when I heard the answer! She said: “If it's a supportive, and diverse environment you're looking for, believe me when I say that you'll feel at home here.” I believed her and accepted the job, and her words were proved right every single day since then.

I’ll never forget when my trainer gave me the rainbow lanyard when she heard I was a lesbian in my first day at Revolut, or when I got the rainbow card delivered to my place in celebration of Pride month. Moreover, I will never forget the support I received from my colleagues when I came out to them at the workplace, as I was still afraid of their reaction.

Knowing that Revolut has this positive and supportive work environment motivates me every day to do and be my best. Being here also made me realise that my purpose is to be part of the team that builds this culture and environment for every employee that, like me, just needed a place where they could be their true self.’

Thays Fores, Culture and Engagement Manager at Revolut