How better banking makes better tech conferences 📢

Anna Koutras

 · 10/31/2018  · 10/31/2018

When you’re a small team, being savvy about how you spend your time is the only way you’re going to get anything done - especially when it comes to being able to do things your way.

That’s exactly where Techorama found themselves just over a year ago. As a business that organises a thriving international technology conference, what they needed from a business bank account was literally in their name - ‘international.’

Yet when the Belgium-based company had to pay one of their speakers in Serbia, they were faced with lengthy phone calls to their account manager, time consuming barriers and eventually hefty costs - just to send a payment to another country.

Interesting, so what does Techorama do? 🤔

Techorama is a yearly international technology conference which takes place in Antwerp, Belgium and welcomes 1500 attendees from developers, to IT professionals, data professionals and SharePoint professionals. They specialise in creating a unique conference experience, with quality content and the best speaker line-up.

It was only after facing obstacles to pay one of their speakers that they started searching for an alternative way to manage their international business payments. A quick Google search later and they discovered Revolut business, and the fact that they could set-up an account in minutes. They didn’t have to pay any charges, and the money arrived the next day!

Why did they ditch the traditional bank? 🏦

For Techorama, Revolut was the answer to paying international contractors without incurring fees, but what we ended up offering their business was so much more than speedy transfers and radically better rates.

As you would expect, Techorama is the kind of company that likes Tech - yet most traditional banks can’t keep up in that arena. After all, most have systems that just can’t deliver the solutions that actually work seamlessly with other tech.

Yet teaming tech with tech results is a more streamlined, efficient way of doing things. That’s what people could miss when they first think about their business banking. There’s also the fact that there’s not much out there that has actually kept up with the speed at which modern day businesses have evolved and what they actually need now.

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How automation saved the day! 🙌🏻

Before Revolut, the folks at Techorama found that they were spending countless hours processing their credit card transactions into their accounting system.

Once a month the transactions were sent by post, after which they had to scan the documents to PDF files and then finally send these to the accountant. And that was only the beginning of the tedious task! The accountant then had to manually input every transaction into the system and validate the various currency transactions with cryptic payment messages. So what did they do? They took advantage of the Revolut Business Open API, of course!

With the Revolut API for business accounts, payments and accounting can be done in an automated way. Without any manual intervention, it's easy to integrate transactions manually, and then track them in real-time via slack.

Gone were the days of playing constant catch-up and wasting time on finance and payments. Instead, Techorama used automation to process the repetitive, time-consuming tasks. This meant that they could put the focus back on their core business - putting together great conferences!

Not only did the Open API allow them to save time and costs, it opened up a whole new world of automation that simply didn’t exist in the business banking realm before. Ultimately, when time is precious it's a clear win for everyone when you can offload the boring stuff, which eats aways at the hours you could spend more productively.

Thanks to the Open API, businesses can now integrate a whole host of tools with their existing business processes, to streamline the way they work. But the main selling point for Techorama was the fact that they could step away from the everyday tasks, and focus on what actually matters to them -  organising some of the best tech conferences out there!