How Revolut Business and Clear Books helped Sublime Yachts to better manage their business finances

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 · 10/13/2020  · 10/13/2020

Helen Whysall, Director, Sublime Yachts

Successfully managing finances in multiple currencies and reconciling bank transactions is a key priority for Sublime Yachts.

The Director of Sublime Yachts, Helen Whysall, has over 20 years of experience in the professional yachting industry. At age 21, after a brief spell of working in restaurants in London, she found herself in Palma where her talents in the kitchen, her passion for life, and a desire to see the world, led her into a decade of working in yachting.

Being part of a global industry means Sublime Yachts has to be adaptable and change currencies with ease. ​Choosing Revolut Business and Clear Books online accounting software has helped Helen and her business to keep track of their multi-currency bank transactions in one place.

The easy set-up of bank feeds​ between Revolut Business and Clear Books, makes it quick and easy to match payments to invoices, bills and expenses.

What is Sublime Yachts?

Sublime Yachts is a bespoke charter company that matches clients with the perfect yacht for their tastes in any destination in the world. We provide a tailor-made service offering yachts of all sizes, motor or sail, crewed or bareboat, in popular and remote locations across the globe. We pride ourselves in understanding the charter industry inside out, and this is what makes the company stand out. We lived and worked as crew on professional charter yachts, learning the finer details of luxurious interiors, gourmet food, and a lavish level of service for our guests. As yacht crew, we learned to anticipate what clients want, even before they know themselves, and today we apply that knowledge to planning yacht charters for our clients. We’ve sailed in some of the world’s most exotic locations and draw on our personal experience to make sure your itinerary includes anything from isolated beaches and secluded coves to the best nightlife and beach clubs you can find.

What are our challenges?

As Director of the business, I stay close to one of the hubs of yachting, Mallorca, to remain connected to the industry and stay on top of constant changes and new charter yachts. Yachts are part of a global industry and are advertised in multiple currencies, which means Sublime Yachts must be adaptable and change currencies with ease. Until we switched to Revolut Business, the process of keeping track of, moving and exchanging currencies was very time-consuming.

And then we discovered Revolut Business

My personal Revolut account led me to discover Revolut Business, along with the capability to connect with my online accounting software, Clear Books. Now I can exchange currencies swiftly and easily, and quickly send funds in any currency.


The change to Revolut Business was a no brainer. On a personal level, I’ve been very impressed with the way it eliminated the typical complications of a business account. Moving our business accounts to Revolut Business has improved our efficiency and saved us time, now that our multiple currency accounts are quickly and easily accessible.

Sublime yachts chose Clear Books for accounting when the company was founded in 2012. Now that Clear Books is connected to our Revolut Business account we can automatically see all our Revolut Business transactions directly in Clear Books. As a result, we now spend half the time on invoices and accounting. Clear Books makes it easy to track invoices in all currencies and also easy to trace and pay.

I was already impressed with Clear Books and Revolut Business as separate entities, but now that they are working together, I find them even more useful and hope I can use them to further increase the productivity and efficiency of my company in the future.

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