Creol and Revolut Business – saving time, saving the planet

Revolut Contributor

 · 06/10/2020  · 06/10/2020

Kristian Krogh, founding partner of Creol shares his story about how Revolut Business helped his company spend less time on their finances and more time on making the planet a greener place. With Revolut Business, you can take control of your finances and focus on what’s next for your business.

What is Creol?

Creol is focused on empowering people and businesses to lower their impact on the planet. We create carbon positive people, places, and products.

To be ‘carbon positive’, unlike being ‘carbon neutral’ means taking action to outweigh your harmful impact on the planet with positive changes.

Our solutions for buildings, products, and people allow clients to understand their current impact on the planet and how to become carbon positive through intuitive interfaces.

Planting trees and selecting green energy suppliers are important and commendable choices, but for Creol, the focus is global.

Fossil fuels remain the dominant source of world energy, accounting for 85% of the world’s energy production, with renewable energy only 4%.

Through our products, clients can support green projects that produce green energy, preserve the forests, and sustain the oceans, that would otherwise not be possible.

People want to do their part for the planet– and with Creol, they can do so for less than the cost of a cup of coffee per week.

Creol is also good for the bottom line. Studies have demonstrated that landlords can charge additional green premiums to their tenants and sell their buildings for up to 30% more when they have a green building.

But in the end, we all benefit. By conserving and protecting the planet, we all thrive.

What are our challenges?

Time. Software development is a fast-moving field. As a company, we have multiple types of products , and we serve clients in every part of the world. Our roadmap is extensive.

Software teams are generally smaller than those that design physical products. We want to spend our time in the best way, developing new products. So, when we choose external providers, we’re looking for ease of use and speed.

And then we discovered Revolut Business

We had a great company idea, an investor that was keen to fund us and an industry we wanted to disrupt. Given my experience of setting up three other businesses, the retail banking industry red tape, appointment systems, and endless forms were something I was keen to avoid. I’ve been a personal Revolut user for some time, I also knew there was a different approach.The choice was easy, Revolut Business’s processes are straight-forward, efficient, fast, and flexible.


With Revolut Business, we can open multiple currency accounts, make foreign exchange payments, take payments in multiple currencies, and reconcile quickly in our accounting system with the integrations available.

We can do all this online and at any time, no appointments, no queues and no drama!

Whenever we hit a snag or have a specific question, there is always someone we can chat to online.

There is no doubt that without Revolut Business and all these time-saving features, we would have to hire a dedicated person in-house to hunt down and optimise it all.

With all our banking needs being met online and on mobile, it means fewer trips, less time, and of course carbon, that we can use to push ourselves to deliver better products that build a greener planet.

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