How Revolut Business helped Pooch & Mutt take their treats worldwide

Revolut Contributor

 · 07/16/2020  · 07/16/2020

Guy Blaskey, Founder,  Pooch & Mutt

Selling from the UK to countries in the EU made Pooch & Mutt convert cash at bank rates – which cost them money. Guy Blaskey, founder of Pooch & Mutt shares his story about how Revolut Business helped him to convert currencies smarter and manage company cards with ease.

What is Pooch & Mutt?

My name is Guy, I founded Pooch & Mutt over 12 years ago. Pooch & Mutt makes ‘Good Mood food for Dogs’, healthy food, treats and supplements with recipes tailored to look after dogs’ physical and mental health.  My family dog, Cookie, was diagnosed with hip dysplasia, so I formulated a joint supplement to help. It was such a great success for Cookie that I had to launch the company. In my current role I principally look after strategy, marketing and NPD while working with the management team to drive the company forward.

What are our challenges?

We import some of our products in Euros and sell to some customers in Euros, it makes no sense to keep converting cash at bank rates and losing money. Traditional banks don’t seem to offer a multi-currency account that works as easily as Revolut Business, and most services from traditional banks are a pain to set up and manage. They wouldn’t be worth the effort, but Revolut Business took very little effort.

And then we discovered Revolut Business

I was introduced to the Revolut personal card whilst on holiday with a friend in Ibiza. I signed up to that first, then thought it would be a good idea for Pooch & Mutt too. On the personal side I found the app so much more user friendly than finance apps from traditional banks, and the whole process was so much easier. I would never exchange currency the old-fashioned way again. Bringing this ease of use to Pooch & Mutt was a no-brainer.


We now effectively have a multi-currency bank account, which we can use to receive payments in foreign currencies, and keep the money in that currency to pay suppliers. I can manage currency better, manage cards for employees better, which leads into less stress and an easier life.  As well as using Revolut Business for currency, I also use it for company cards for the people who work at Pooch & Mutt. It is so much easier to manage cards on Revolut Business than it was when I did them through my traditional bank. If I need a new card for a new employee I can go online and set it up in seconds. If I need to cancel a card, it’s just as quick. I can see all the expenditure on the card, which makes expenses easier for our accountants. If I need to up the limit on people’s cards (for example if they are going to an international trade show) for a short period of time, I can log in and do this in seconds.

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