How Revolut Businesses can help Ukraine

Richard Johnson

 · 03/08/2022  · 03/08/2022

From the outset of the war on Ukraine, our main focus has been, and will continue to be, to do all we can to safeguard our colleagues in Ukraine, and to support them and their families.

And as the Russian invasion continues, we’re exploring ways to assist all the other people in Ukraine impacted by these abhorrent events.

Our CEO Nik recently said we can ‘still do more’. And we can. Our colleagues successfully launched donations for the Red Cross Ukraine Appeal in the personal Revolut app, with Revolut and its customers raising €10 million. For Revolut Business, we’ve worked fast to make sure businesses can send money to Ukraine without cost or hassle.

Send money to Ukraine, fee-free through March 25

We’ve opened up a direct, fee-free payment corridor to Ukraine, so you can send money to staff, suppliers, or service providers at absolutely no cost through March 25. Revolut Business won’t charge anything on the cash you send.

Use your business to send money to Ukraine 🇺🇦

We know at times of international crisis, it’s easy to feel powerless. But as a business, you can certainly help.

We’ve all seen the footage of people in Ukraine working from laptops in bunkers and temporary shelters. And there are just as many who are displaced and unable to work or collect income. Now more than ever, it’s vital for your colleagues and service providers in Ukraine to be able to access a reliable source of funds.

If you’re able, you can send payments to those who really need it. You can pay your suppliers or employees in Ukraine, or make one-off transfers to someone you know there. And so you avoid fees or third-parties, you can use the Revolut Business app to make fee-free payments to make sure your money gets there fast.

How to transfer money to Ukraine from your Revolut Business account

  1. Go to Payments
  2. Add a new counterparty or select an existing counterparty
  3. Select ‘Ukraine’ from the country list and your desired currency
  4. Add your counterparty’s bank details (if new)
  5. Track the status of your payment as it makes its way to Ukraine

Donating to relief organisations

Of course, paying staff and suppliers in Ukraine isn’t the only way you can help. You can also make donations to relief organisations via Donations in the personal Revolut app, where Revolut has partnered with the Red Cross directly.

Go to Payments

Things to remember:

  • Our international payment fee and foreign exchange fee waiver ends at 12:00AM UTC on March 26, 2022
  • The fees being waived on transfers to Ukraine are those referenced under 'All other international payments' and ‘Exchange’ in the Terms and Conditions
  • Intermediary and recipient banks may deduct fees from the amount sent
  • All regular transfer minimum and maximum limits apply