🌳 How Revolut is helping Creol put planet before profit

Sarah Hiraki

 · 11/18/2019  · 11/18/2019

Kristian Krogh, CEO of Creol, is motivated by more than money. He’s on a mission to change the world, one building at a time, through green technology.

“I think all of us seek some kind of purpose in life and know that you're not getting out of bed just to pay the bills. You're trying to do something that's going to make a difference. Making a difference is is everything.”

“Creol strives to make buildings either carbon neutral or carbon positive,” he explains. “We use all sorts of new technology, Internet of Things and wireless communication to make buildings either carbon neutral or positive. The driving force behind the company is impact over profit.”

But even the biggest innovators faces the same issues as any other enterprise. For Creol, one such snag nearly derailed the company entirely.

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🌊 Go with the flow

“The challenge we faced is usually the biggest cause of company collapse, which is cash flow. It's not a lack of business. So when our cash flow was severely compromised by a retail bank, that was a crisis for us. Due to regulation, there was some restructuring of our retail bank, and the bank withheld a sizeable amount of cash. We felt powerless and insignificant. We could have folded. A lot of people could have lost their jobs.”

And all of this was due to one retail bank. Not Kristian’s fault, not his employees’ fault - his bank’s fault. So how did Kristian resolve this and keep Creol going?

“Revolut. Revolut for us delivered a personal approach. It involved actually speaking to a person. Talking to people is refreshing. And it's different. When you're used to not being listened to it's really a big change.”

🕹️ Mission: Control

“I think at the end of the day, most business owners are control freaks. So being fully in control is the dream. The benefits for us from using Revolut included talking to people, multi-currency abilities, being able to get cards quickly and easily, setting limits and understanding our real-time position online. Because of this we were able to manage our cash flow better, which is king.”

Creol is up and running, and well on their way to transforming cities. But what’s next for the ambitious CEO?

“The plans are to keep innovating, keep challenging ourselves, keep striving to not do the same thing and to do what we've done since our inception: giving clients not what they want, not what they expected, but what they love.”

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